Litepanels Hilio™ answers the need for a small-footprint LED fixture capable of emitting daylight balanced illumination over a 20-25' (6.1-7.6m) distance without requiring a ballast. Incredibly energy efficient, this high output fixture draws just 115W

The QRC-HILIO is designed to power Litepanels Hilio™ LED fixture when DC power is essential. The QRC-HILIO allows for two Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries to be snapped onto the back of the Hilio providing a convenient, lightweight, field lighting kit. As an added benefit, our integrated hot swap feature provides uninterrupted lighting throughout the production day.

Dionic HC

The DIONIC HC is capable of delivering up to 10 amps for high current draw applications, including on-camera lighting. The 91 watt-hour DIONIC HC can operate a 40 Watt HD camera for over 2 hours.

TWIN Charger

The design of the TWIN charger creates the lightest and smallest two position simultaneous charger Anton/Bauer has ever produced. Its high impact plastic enclosure will stand up to the most rugged use, making it an ideal travel charger.

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Products included in the Hillio/HC Field Lighting Package
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